Utah’s Unique Liquor Laws

If you are a Utah resident, then you are held accountable to some interesting liquor laws which are upheld in the state. One of the most unique laws in Utah is their statute that drinks can be served but cannot be seen until they have made their way to the table....

Clean Up Your Criminal Background

"How do I get this darn conviction off my record!" "I am tired of losing jobs because of a stupid mistake I made when I was 18!" These are statements we commonly hear from clients who have been convicted of a crime. Fortunately there is a way to wipe your criminal...

What After a 402 Agreement?

In the Utah criminal justice system prosecutors will often agree to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor after probation. This is made possible by legislation found in UCA Sec. 76-3-402(b). Judges and attorneys refer to these as 402 reductions. 402 reductions are an...

What After an Abeyance?

In the Utah criminal justice system pleas are often held in abeyance. This is a compassionate means by which an accused person is given a second chance. If you have been given a plea in abeyance, you know that your guilty plea does not count against you as a...

Impaired Driving and DMV Suspensions

So you are one of the lucky ones. Through some good lawyering, your attorney convinced the prosecutor to reduce your DUI to Impaired Driving. You have completed 60 days of your 120-day driver's license suspension. You have heard that by doing a plea bargain down to...



October 2021
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