DUI’s Reduced Offense?

Some Utah DUI cases are plead to the reduced charge of Impaired Driving. Impaired Driving is not referred to as a reduced charge based upon it being a lesser degree of crime; Both offenses are Class B Misdemeanors carrying the potential of up to 180 days in jail....

Criminal Mistakes

4 BIGGEST MISTAKES MADE BY CRIMINAL DEFENDANTS So there you are, sitting in your living room reading a letter from your attorney that says something like this, "Criminal charges have been filed against you in case #:11130098. Be advised that 'Utah' judges are rarely...

Taking the DUI Target Off Your Back

There is a piece of advice the criminal defense attorneys, from our office, give to each of our Utah clients after they have been charged with a DUI, or a drug-related offense. But first, let me give you a quick note on what makes you a target to law enforcement. Once...

DUI in Utah is a Misnomer

There is a general misconception about what constitutes a DUIin the state of Utah. DUI obviously stands for "driving under the influence". This title implies that to commit a DUI you must necessarily be driving. However…this is wrong! To truly represent what...

DUI Interlock Exception

Many of my DUI clients ask me whether there are exceptions to the ignition interlock restriction imposed for DUI in the State of Utah. Although there is not a general exception as of 2011, there is a limited exception as follows: A Utah motorist with a DMV (Department...



October 2021
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