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Criminal Law

Had A Bad Weekend?  

Consider us the solution to all your criminal defence needs.If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know exactly what is meant by #HadABadWeekend. Having a bad weekend is not a unique experience. But, for the unfortunate few, a bad weekend can lead to criminal charges and unwanted involvement with the criminal justice system.The majority of our criminal defense clients started off their weekend with no intention of committing a crime. Zabriskie Law Firm gets it, we understand!


You had a hard week, you got home from work… maybe you had a drink out with friends, or perhaps at home with a loved one… and then… one drink turned into two, three, or more. Someone decided to bring up a sensitive subject, emotions took over and… Yep! Good judgment took a short vacation. One thing led to another; the alcohol started talking and then… BAM! Suddenly the cops were involved.

You are now in dire need of a criminal defence lawyer. But can we help with your charges? Click here to find out.

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Free Case Evaluation 

Welcome to No One’s Favorite Team

Now that you are involuntarily drafted by team #HadABadWeekend, (without that signing bonus) you need a law firm that truly understands your situation and has the experience to help you through the confusing and stressful legal process… Zabriskie Law Firm has your back!

Let’s be honest here… being charged with a crime is no joke… whether intentional or not, it’s never a fun process. It can be scary, confusing, stressful, and costly. Zabriskie Law Firm can be the difference between just having a bad weekend and having your life totally steamrolled by a dispassionate criminal justice system.

Listening to The Wrong Advice Can Ruin Your Life

Now that you are a qualified member of team #HadABadWeekend, the “jail-house” lawyers and ignorant “know-it-alls” are probably crawling out of the woodwork offering bad advice, and bucket-loads of worthless information.

Whether this abundant advice is coming from the cop who arrested you, (heaven forbid)… or from a bail bondsman (yikes!), do yourself a favor and avoid it altogether. Accepting bad advice can be like pouring fuel on a fire.

Trust Our 80 Years & 20,000 Successful Client Track Record

The first and only calls you should make seeking legal advice after such a bad weekend should be to the trusted criminal defence lawyers at Zabriskie Law Firm. With more than 70 years of combined legal experience, we’ve spent decades in criminal courts settling 99% of our cases and winning the vast majority of the ones that go to trial.

Remember, the longer you wait, the worse it will get. Grab your phone and call Zabriskie Law Firm in Salt Lake City or Provo now! Lawyers are standing by.

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Our lawyers deal with all sorts of criminal defence cases. Select one of the categories below to find out more information about your type of case and what our attorneys can do for you, or scroll down to learn more about our other criminal defence services.

Our Services: Criminal Defense

You can learn more about our law firm’s services in the different areas of practice that we handle in criminal law. We have listed some of the types of criminal offenses that we can handle as well as our other areas of practice related to criminal law, including appeals and expungement. By clicking on any link listed below, you can find out more about that particular topic.

We welcome you to take advantage of this information so you can make the right choices about your case

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Contacting the Zabriskie Law Firm

With more than five decades of combined legal experience and more than 400 wins at trial, our law firm has a proven track record of success in this complex field. Make sure you take advantage of the level of legal representation that we can provide when your very future is on the line. When you work with a Salt Lake City criminal defence lawyer from our firm, you can breathe easier knowing that we will be willing to go the distance in our efforts to help you fight for your desirable result.

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