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Impaired Driving and DMV Suspensions

So you are one of the lucky ones. Through some good lawyering, your attorney convinced the prosecutor to reduce your DUI to Impaired Driving. You have completed 60 days of your 120-day driver’s license suspension. You have heard that by doing a plea bargain down to Impaired Driving, your driver’s license suspension was reduced to 60 days.

Be careful! Now that your 60 days is up, don’t think that it is okay to simply resume driving. Doing so could set off an ugly chain of events including jail, fines, and added driver’s license suspension. Also, the original DUI could be added as a conviction on your criminal record. With a little knowledge, you can avoid this ugly chain of events. Simply follow these steps to have your driving privilege properly reinstated.


Obtain a court-certified docket (or minute-entry) showing that your case was plead to Impaired Driving;Take the court-certified docket to your local Utah DMVoffice and present it with your request for reinstatement;Pay the required reinstatement fee, and;Receive confirmation that your driving privilege has been reinstated.

If your DUI was issued while you were traveling through Utah from out of state, here are some additional tips:

A valid out-of-state license does not make it legal for you to drive in Utah if Utah has suspended your driving privileges.The Utah DMV only has the power to suspend your driving privileges inside the state of Utah. Most states will recognize the Utah suspension and issue an identical suspension. It may be necessary for you to follow the steps 1-4 above, in order to get your license reinstated in your home state.

Remember, stay safe, be smart and call us when you need us!

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