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Utah Doctor Murder Trial Continues

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Utah Doctor

Dr. Martin MacNeill is facing murder charges and life in prison for the death of his wife. His wife was found unconscious in the bathtub of his home in April of 2007. MacNeill was charged with murder and obstruction of justice in August 2012 after being released from federal prison after a three year sentence for fraud.

If Dr. MacNeill is guilty (and the evidence seems to be pointing that way), the motive appears to be so that he could move on with his life with his mistress, a witness in the trial. While Martin’s wife’s death has never been ruled a homicide, it is believed Dr. MacNeill may have overmedicated her with post-op drugs and drowned her in their home. Currently, his wife’s death is classified as “undetermined” with heart disease and drug toxicity to blame. The trial is making news in Utah and is suspected to continue through mid-November.

When you are facing a charge as serious as murder, it is imperative that you secure legal defense immediately. It is especially important if you have previously been committed of another crime. There are many defenses that could apply to you such as:

Mistaken identifySelf-defense or the defense of othersExercise of duty (applying to public officers)Accident or misfortune (this could result in your charge being reduced to ‘manslaughter’)Insanity

You can either argue that you did not kill the victim or you can argue that you did commit the killing, but that a first degree murder did not occur. A first degree murder has been defined as “An act of murder which is premeditated with malice aforethought.”

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, if you have been charged with murder, you have a tough, legal road ahead of you and you need aggressive legal representation! At The Zabriskie Law Firm, our team has over 50 years of combined legal experience and has secured over 400 trial victories. When you are facing serious criminal charges, we are the serious defense experts you can count on to fight for your rights and innocence!

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