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Valentine’s Day and the Danger of Domestic Violence

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for romantic gestures and reflecting on those you love. Unfortunately, it can also be a day for ex-lovers to reflect on their past and some may feel very lonely on this day of hearts and romance. That’s why Valentine’s Day often brings about many cases of criminal domestic violence as ex-lovers stalk, harass, or attack those that used to be a significant part of their life. According to one police officer in Memphis, holidays often bring about a spike in domestic violence calls because ex-spouses or partners feel left out on a day of celebration.

As well, Valentine’s Day can be a time of stress or disagreement for many spouses or partners who do not agree on their expectations for the day, and this can also lead to injuries. Police tell CBS News that domestic violence calls also escalate whenever there is alcohol present. On Valentine’s Day, many men and women will drink together and this can lead to dangers and violence. According to Red Eye Chicago, the Senate recently passed a bill reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. This act is supposed to focus on the significant issue of domestic violence throughout the United States.

Statistics show that there are 1,200 women killed and 2 million injured by domestic violence every single year. Women between the ages of 20-24 are most at risk for injury and college campuses are one of the main places where these crimes take place. If you are concerned about an ex-boyfriend or a partner that may revisit you on Valentine’s Day then it may be wise to obtain a restraining order. If you have been accused of domestic violence, then you will want a criminal defense attorney on your side. Understandably, you may not have intended to hurt your partner in any way and may have been accused of domestic violence by a revengeful ex.

You also may have violated a restraining order but been aware of your crime until later. If you want more information about domestic violence defense, a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney from The Zabriskie Law Firm is here to help. The lawyers at this firm have a cumulative 50 years of experience which why are willing to put to your case. With over 400 trial victories, they are a firm that you can trust. You should contact the Zabriskie Law Firm today at (801) 653-0862 if you want more information about representation. You can also take advantage of the firm’s free case evaluation offer if you want to get more information about your legal matter and obtain an informed decision about what you should do. The lawyers at the Zabriskie Law Firm will be able to give you an informed opinion and give you advice about whether or not you should pursue a claim.

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