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Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals

Our criminal defence team can defend you against assault allegations in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, St George or any other city in Utah.

The US Constitution and its amendments were drafted to protect our rights. If we get accused of committing a crime, we are told that these documents assure us of a fair trial. Unfortunately, hundreds and perhaps thousands of defendants are wrongfully convicted every year in the US. Often wrongful convictions occur as the result of police dishonesty or incompetent. Other times they are the result of inexperienced judges and lawyers.  No matter the cause, being wrongfully convicted is an earth-shattering experience. Fortunately, the appellate process is designed to correct some of these wrongful convictions.


If you feel that you have been wrongfully convicted, you need to consult with an appeals attorney immediately. Deadlines for filing appeals come quickly so there is no time to waste. If you need to consult with a Utah criminal appeals attorney, we hope you will consider the Zabriskie Law Firm. Our lawyers have argued appeals cases in Utah and in the Federal Tenth Circuit. Call us now for a free consultation.  

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