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Record Expungement

Our criminal defence team can defend you against assault allegations in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, St George or any other city in Utah.

In this age of electronic information, it is common for employers to run criminal background checks. Are you having trouble finding a job due to a past criminal conviction? Or have you lost some of your legal rights due to having a criminal conviction like the right to vote or the right to possess a firearm? Ask one of our Utah lawyers about 402 reductions and criminal-record expungements. These legal provisions allow a person to clean up their record by either reducing a felony to a misdemeanor or by having a criminal conviction completely removed from their public record. 

Generally, expungement eligibility is as follows:

   - for felonies: 7 years from the date probation ends

   - for class A misdemeanors: 5 years from the date probation ends

   - for class B misdemeanors: 4 years from the date probation ends

   - for class C misdemeanors: 3 years from the date probation ends

The Zabriskie Law Firm has handling hundreds of 402 reductions and expungements in Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, St. George and throughout the state of Utah. Take advantage of the opportunity to clean up your criminal background and call us now. 

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