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Criminal Law

Had A Bad Weekend?  

Consider us the solution to all your criminal defence needs.If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know exactly what is meant by #HadABadWeekend. Having a bad weekend is not a unique experience. But, for the unfortunate few, a bad weekend can lead to criminal charges and unwanted involvement with the criminal justice system.The majority of our criminal defense clients started off their weekend with no intention of committing a crime. Zabriskie Law Firm gets it, we understand!


You had a hard week, you got home from work… maybe you had a drink out with friends, or perhaps at home with a loved one… and then… one drink turned into two, three, or more. Someone decided to bring up a sensitive subject, emotions took over and… Yep! Good judgment took a short vacation. One thing led to another; the alcohol started talking and then… BAM! Suddenly the cops were involved.

You are now in dire need of a criminal defence lawyer. But can we help with your charges? Click here to find out.

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Free Case Evaluation 

Welcome to No One’s Favorite Team

Now that you are involuntarily drafted by team #HadABadWeekend, (without that signing bonus) you need a law firm that truly understands your situation and has the experience to help you through the confusing and stressful legal process… Zabriskie Law Firm has your back!

Let’s be honest here… being charged with a crime is no joke… whether intentional or not, it’s never a fun process. It can be scary, confusing, stressful, and costly. Zabriskie Law Firm can be the difference between just having a bad weekend and having your life totally steamrolled by a dispassionate criminal justice system.

Listening to The Wrong Advice Can Ruin Your Life

Now that you are a qualified member of team #HadABadWeekend, the “jail-house” lawyers and ignorant “know-it-alls” are probably crawling out of the woodwork offering bad advice, and bucket-loads of worthless information.

Whether this abundant advice is coming from the cop who arrested you, (heaven forbid)… or from a bail bondsman (yikes!), do yourself a favor and avoid it altogether. Accepting bad advice can be like pouring fuel on a fire.

Trust Our 80 Years & 20,000 Successful Client Track Record

The first and only calls you should make seeking legal advice after such a bad weekend should be to the trusted criminal defence lawyers at Zabriskie Law Firm. With more than 70 years of combined legal experience, we’ve spent decades in criminal courts settling 99% of our cases and winning the vast majority of the ones that go to trial.

Remember, the longer you wait, the worse it will get. Grab your phone and call Zabriskie Law Firm in Salt Lake City or Provo now! Lawyers are standing by.

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Our lawyers deal with all sorts of criminal defence cases. Select one of the categories below to find out more information about your type of case and what our attorneys can do for you, or scroll down to learn more about our other criminal defence services.

Our Services: Criminal Defense

You can learn more about our law firm’s services in the different areas of practice that we handle in criminal law. We have listed some of the types of criminal offenses that we can handle as well as our other areas of practice related to criminal law, including appeals and expungement. By clicking on any link listed below, you can find out more about that particular topic.

We welcome you to take advantage of this information so you can make the right choices about your case

Assault & Battery

Depending on the case, assault charges may be countered by proving that the defendant was acting in self-defense or in defense of another. With our experience in criminal defense, our firm will be able to investigate your case to determine the right approach.

Bench Warrants

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you may be taken into custody at any time. The best thing to do is to face the situation head on with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Child Abuse

The courts take child abuse cases very seriously, imposing harsh penalties upon offenders and requiring lifetime sex offender registration if the abuse was sexual in nature. In dealing with child sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse charges, it is crucial to involve a lawyer who can protect your legal rights and concerns.

Criminal Appeals

If you were wrongfully convicted of a crime, we may be able to file an appeal on your behalf in order to seek a second chance at a positive case result.

Criminal Mischief

Committing actions of criminal mischief can involve damaging property, unlawfully and intentionally tampering with another human’s life or safety, and many other illegal actions.

Disorderly Conduct

Charges of this nature can be classified as an infraction or as a misdemeanor, depending on the nature of the crime and the opinion of the arresting officer.

Domestic Violence

When a person stands accused of abusing or harming a family member, spouse, ex-spouse or other member of their household, the results may be catastrophic. Domestic violence cases are vigorously pursued against defendants and may lead to loss of custody, incarceration, fines and mor

Drug Crimes

There are a vast number of drug offenses that one could be accused of in Salt Lake City, an area that has been marked by law enforcement agencies as one of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas in the state.


If you have been arrested for DUI, you must take immediate action to protect your rights against penalties that include a driver’s license suspension and possible jail time.


If you are interested in clearing your criminal record, expungement may be the opportunity you have been looking for. Certain convictions, arrests and charges can be essentially removed from your record, where they will no longer affect most employment and educational opportunities.


An individual who has been charged with a crime in another state may face extradition to that state if arrested in Utah. It is crucial to work with an experienced attorney if you are facing extradition on a serious criminal charge.

Federal Crimes

There are particular circumstances where a defendant may face criminal charges in federal court. These cases are also typically investigated by federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA or IRS. It is crucial to work with an attorney who is licensed to handle cases in federal court, should you or a loved one find yourself facing federal criminal charges.


Fraud is a criminal offense that may be charged on a state or federal level, depending on the manner in which the alleged offense was carried out. These matters involve using deception to obtain money or other goods from another.

Internet Crimes

When a crime is committed over the internet or using computers, it is likely that federal law enforcement agencies will get involved. In these highly technical cases, it is important for your lawyer to have a solid understanding of computer and internet technology in order to build a strong case on your behalf.

Juvenile Crimes

Dealing with juvenile crime cases requires a specific approach and knowledge of the juvenile court system in order to be effective, and at our Salt Lake City law firm we have the experience and skill to properly handle these matters.


A violent crime that may be charged in federal court, kidnapping is an offense that should be taken very seriously by a defendant and his or her attorney.


Manslaughter is a different crime than murder in that manslaughter does not involve malicious aforethought. Manslaughter is usually referred to as a crime of passion because it is committed in reaction to considerable emotional distress.

Military Crimes

If you have been accused of a military crime, you must be prepared for the unique nature of the military justice system. Your case will be heard in a court-martial and depending on the nature of the crime, you may be subject to penalties such as bad conduct discharge or even the death sentence


Taking another’s life is one of the most serious crimes that a person may be accused of committing, and is one of a few offenses punishable by the death penalty in Utah. In challenging murder charges, we take an aggressive stance to protect our clients’ freedom and lives.

Probation Violations

There are a number of situations that may place one at risk of facing allegations of a probation violation. Failure to report to one’s probation officer is the most common, but other violations may include associating with known criminals, committing a new crime or drug/alcohol abuse.

Restraining Orders

A person accused of domestic violence may have a court order filed against him or her, which prohibits any contact with the alleged victim. The person named in the restraining order may also be prohibited from coming within a certain distance of the alleged victim, and noncompliance with this order may result in his or her immediate arrest and criminal charges.

Sex Crimes

Of all the crimes a person may be accused of committing, sex crimes are often the most serious. Not only are the penalties for sex crimes harsh, but the nature of these offenses place a defendant at risk of social ostracism and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Theft Crimes

If formal charges or an investigation for any type of theft crime has placed your future at risk, it is important to involve a criminal lawyerwho is experienced in dealing with charges related to shoplifting, robbery, embezzlement and all types of theft-related offense.

Violent Crimes

Being accused of a violent crime is a serious situation to be in, particularly as many violent crimes are felony offenses and may carry harsh penalties if the defendant is convicted. Our firm handles all types of violent crime cases for clients in and around Salt Lake City.

Weapons Charges

There are many different types of weapon charges that a defendant in Salt Lake City may face. This may include charges related to the unlawful possession, distribution, sale or use of a weapon or firearm.

White Collar Crimes

An employee, broker, CEO, politician, accountant or other professional in finances, business or politics may face white collar crime charges for criminal activity in these areas. Embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, bribery and extortion are examples of offenses that may be considered white collar crimes.

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Contacting the Zabriskie Law Firm

With more than five decades of combined legal experience and more than 400 wins at trial, our law firm has a proven track record of success in this complex field. Make sure you take advantage of the level of legal representation that we can provide when your very future is on the line. When you work with a Salt Lake City criminal defence lawyer from our firm, you can breathe easier knowing that we will be willing to go the distance in our efforts to help you fight for your desirable result.