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Utah’s Unique Liquor Laws

If you are a Utah resident, then you are held accountable to some interesting liquor laws which are upheld in the state. One of the most unique laws in Utah is their statute that drinks can be served but cannot be seen until they have made their way to the table. Bartenders are not allowed to mix drunks in front of guests. This has caused many Utah restaurants to mix their drinks behind curtains. In Utah, it is illegal to put alcohol on display, so wine cellars that are used for decoration in restaurants must be filled with empty bottles. In order to obtain a license for a bar in the state, the owner of the bar has to abide by these curious rules.

Those who refuse can be prosecuted and may be stripped of their license as a result. One restaurant in Salt Lake City known as Vuda originally planned to display alcohol like in other bars. When the state found out about the breach of the law, the restaurant owners were reprimanded. Now, the glass bottles of liquor are hidden behind a wall of frosted glass where the bartenders disappear when they need to mix an order for a customer. Unless patrons at the restaurant have a state-recognized license to deal with and handle alcohol, they do not have the right to see the alcohol or to watch the bartenders as they make the drinks. This has often been referred to as the “Zion Curtain.”

In 2009, the state relaxed their drinking laws, which were extremely strict for some time. Due to the high-concentration of Mormons in Utah who disapprove of drinking, there was once a law which barred all alcohol consumption in the state of alcohol. The prohibition became somewhat of a joke that was advertised on tourist memorabilia in hopes throughout the state. Now, it is legal to drink in the state but the liquor laws are entangled with the Mormon church and are more complicated than those in most states. Bartenders in the state complain that the constantly changing laws tend to affect business. Before 2009, drinkers in Utah had to pay a special fee to become a member of whatever bar they chose to visit. These bars were considered private clubs and were the only place that a person could go to get a drink. This discouraged many members of the state from drinking.

Also, in Utah it is illegal to offer drink specials in restaurant and bars. For years, happy hour has been illegal in the state but many bars would offer all-day drink specials. The Utah Hospitality Association tried to sue the government in order to promote the specials again, but was not successful in doing so. If you have violated one of the many intricate and complicated liquor laws in the state of Utah, you may need a criminal defense lawyer to come to your aid. In this instance, you should contact an attorney at The Zabriskie Law Firm. With the help of a lawyer at this firm, you may be able to prove your innocence or get your case dismissed. At this Salt Lake City criminal defense firm, the lawyers have a cumulative 50 years of experience which they are willing to be dedicated to your plight.

If you believe that you don’t deserve the punishment that you were issued after you violated one of the strict Utah alcohol laws, then you won’t want to hesitate to call the firm at (801) 653-0862. Attorneys at the Zabriskie Law Firm speak both English and Spanish. They offer case evaluations where you can write about your allegations and get an informed answer from an attorney at the firm. They will tell you what steps are necessary to battle your case and will offer their services if they believe that they can be of assistance to you. Don’t hesitate to contact the firm immediately as time is of the essence whenever you are accused of a crime!

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